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Costs Data Recovery

The following information has been provided to give an indication of the pricing of Data Recovery Services by A-ONE IT Ltd, 2019.



The following information has been provided to give an indication of the pricing of Data Recovery Services by A-ONE IT Ltd, 2020.

Prices and costs are only estimates and will be based on examination of the drive in our workshop.
However, it gives customers an indication of our reasonable priced Data Recovery Services. 
Data recovery service pricing (July 2020):
Prices from £89-£180 (logical problems only), £199 (PCB & Bad Sectors problems), £299 (Physical damage e.g. Head Set Donor Swap etc.)

Clean room services are £50
Heads swap (Head Swap) from £110 + Donor Parts
Have you have tried everything you can think of and even your local I.T. company cannot help, we may be able help without the expensive price tag.

We Understand the Importance of Your Data

While other competing firms may not understand the significance of certain items like photographs or personal records, we know that these items are personal and you don’t want other people to see them. That’s why we take privacy seriously at A-ONE IT.
Furthermore, we take numerous steps to ensure that everything on your hard disk remains private and confidential.

You can count on A-ONE IT to use all of the latest equipment and newest software so that we can handle all kinds of data related needs. When it comes to data recovery UK, you can depend on A-ONE IT. With technical support available five days a week, you’ll have the option to talk to an experienced technician if a problem arises.

When it comes to hard disk recovery, data backup, and data safety and protection, you can depend on the experts at A-ONE IT. We’ll be happy to make it easy for you to recover lost files and get your life back on track smoothly. We provide superior service in every sense of the word. From workmanship, to equipment to technical support and service, we are the first choice when it comes to data recovery in the UK.

It is a myth that most drives need to be de-assembled or examined in a clean room. Only about 15% of drives received by A-ONE IT fall into this classification. However, these "15% of drives" can have mechanical damage and would require repairing to enable recovery of the data.
A-ONE IT offers free inspection of your drive and No Data No Fee

Disk Problem Disk Symptom
Computer or laptop broken Your computer or laptop has broken and you require simple data recovery from your hard drive
System not booting This is because your computer or laptop has a problem with the disk and it cannot boot, simple data recovery again
The disk has been accidently formatted or a virus has attacked the partition Requires more complex logical data recovery solution
The disk has a hardware problem that requires specialist data recovery, for instance, bad blocks This is more complex data recovery and requires the use of A-ONE IT's state of the art recovery solution (low cost recovery from £199* ) - Disk has hardware fault
The disk appears to have completely failed, no power, no noise. This would require a "donor PCB" to investigate further Around 15% of disks fall into this category and most of these might require a new replacement PCB Board (this would be an additional charge)
The disk emits knocking or clicking noises "click of death". This needs careful investigation as a faulty PCB may be culprit or usually bad heads within the disk Around 15% of disks fall into this category and many of these could require a donor head swap and/or PCB donor.
Head Swap from £110 + parts